Friday, 29 August 2014

Do you learn the hard way?

The case of the multi-million-euro damage claim by a German car producer:

These days damage claims are becoming increasingly common in business. Damage claims are basically a logical and justifiable phenomenon, as manufacturers guarantee the products that they supply. Slack quality checks may be costly and even fatal, and observing IPC standards prevents manufacturers from learning the hard way. PIEK has been a sparring partner for years and is at the heart of claims disputes as an expert assessor of the validity of buyers’ claims.

The claims state of affairs is best explained with an example from the automotive industry. A producer of electronic controls for the automotive industry asked PIEK for advice in the matter of a damage claim of a German car producer.

What had happened? The manufacturer had supplied 15,000 electronic controls to a German car manufacturer. The production of these electronic controls had taken place in accordance with IPC standard IPC-A-610E class 2, with only exceptions in class 3. Furthermore, the manufacturer had also done a final quality check himself in accordance with the IPC standard mentioned above.

Friday, 22 August 2014

METCAL: a valued partner of PIEK’s

For years PIEK has teamed up with OK International Ltd. Mr Rick Nutall, the Director of European Sales of its Metcal division, describes the cooperation as follows: ‘PIEK and Metcal interact as two leading companies within their respective fields of electronics assembly. Both have a desire to project themselves as educators. For PIEK this is clearly their primary role, providing training within the IPC framework. For Metcal, on the other hand, educating professionals is born out of a desire to explain the advantages that our “smart heat” technology has to offer to the industry.’

When asked about what exactly makes the cooperation work, Mr Nutall hesitates: ‘This is a bit difficult to answer, but what I think makes the relationship work is the recognition by both parties that we can both add value to our mutual interests. Both parties remain independently minded and therefore professionally independent, which is important for customers on both sides. Besides, there is PIEK’s reputation as a leading training organisation and Metcal’s in-hand soldering. And there is our mutual commitment to a third party, namely that of the IPC body and its standards for best practice. This gives both PIEK and Metcal a common cause which has benefits for the whole industry rather than just our own interests.’

Thursday, 14 August 2014

PIEK and its knowledge – and what it can do for you

You all know the saying ‘knowledge is power’. Especially within the electronics connections industry current knowledge of the latest standards, technologies and market developments is crucial. This is what makes you powerful. Our world has become very small. Do not get me wrong. When I say that the world has become small, I refer to the flood of information that is available to all of us around the world at the push of a button. There is hardly anything that we cannot see or find.

This treasure trove of information is the result of modern information technology. The downside of this mass of information is that we can no longer see the wood for the trees. This may mean that we inadvertently miss information that impacts us and that may be essential for running our business. Every day organisations run such risks. Particularly for the technical connections industry it is very important to always keep abreast of the latest developments.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pace and PIEK have worked together for 25 years

PACE® is a global player in the field of solutions for soldering desoldering and rework jobs. Its business philosophy is based on the conviction that the company is only as strong as the faith its customers have in PACE. PACE is committed to providing ́best-in-class ́ quality soldering/rework tools and systems and extraction systems. Besides, customers can always count on its outstanding customer support.

PACE’s Director of Training (USA) Chris Barrett and PACE’s Regional Sales Manager Europe (UK) Steve Playdon visited PIEK’s training centre in Heerlen. Both were very impressed with the elaborate facilities in the training rooms, among which they also found PACE’s very own equipment.

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