Wednesday, 30 July 2014

PIEK supports a supplier to the Dutch defence sector

PIEK is an all-rounder. When it comes to PIEK courses, one of the main repeat customers is a supplier to the Dutch defence sector. This organisation has been a most welcome participant at PIEK for many years now, and its Quality Engineer briefly sketches the origin of the cooperation.

'Since the requirements for the printed circuit boards themselves became more stringent, as have the picking and placing of components, the need for training went up. At first employees were still trained by colleagues, but after a number of years the need to turn to a specialised organisation grew and grew. Although doing the training ourselves remained feasible, we recognised that an external educational institute gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse of many other companies’ processes and can therefore add much more value to its education.’

Friday, 18 July 2014

PIEK ́s Heerlen training centre now state-of-the-art

With the addition of the very latest Pace equipment PIEK’s Heerlen training centre now has a full range of state-of-the-art equipment. The centre is kitted out with equipment produced by Almit, Ersa (Ersa Scoop 2), ECD Temperature Profiling Systems, Fine Tech, JBC, Metcal, Oki, Optilia, Pace, Purex, Stature and Weller.

All these companies have made their equipment available to PIEK. Every single one of these companies understands the importance of PIEK’s trainers having the most advanced equipment to support their IPC courses. Stature’s Thom van Veenendaal is a firm believer: ‘Because PIEK has a state-of-the-art training centre, its course members are able to practise any aspects occurring in the electronics industry, repair and design. Theory alone does not cut it, but hands-on practice with the latest equipment does.’

Friday, 11 July 2014

Stature B.V. long-standing partner of PIEK

Stature B.V. has been working with PIEK for years. Stature’s Thom van Veenendaal says why. ‘We believe that PIEK is a training centre with a wide range of IPC courses, and its lecture rooms are excellently kitted out with educational equipment. This enables course participants to get theoretical as well as hands-on training in all aspects of electronics production, repair and design. PIEK is experienced in all current brands of equipment and is always well-informed of the latest developments in the market, due to its close cooperation with equipment producers. We see our cooperation as two-way traffic in which we regularly talk together about things happening in the market, such as shifting needs in the market or new points of attention. The aim to be ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge of the current requirements and possibilities is a strength that we share with PIEK. It is for this reason that we value working with PIEK so highly.’

When asked which market will be the biggest for PIEK within Europe, Thom is quite outspoken: ‘As to the biggest market, I firstly think of countries where a profound shift in mind set is still required concerning the status of the quality of work delivered, for example the former Eastern bloc countries. Secondly there is the Netherlands itself, where the complexity of work to be done is constantly growing, which in turn requires more specific training.’

Friday, 27 June 2014

Photos taken during recent IPC and PIEK training courses

It's been a while since we have some pictures posted. So we have created a limited selection. View more!

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