Thursday, 18 September 2014

IPC Europe High Reliability Forum

14-15 Oct. 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany

From aerospace to automotive to telecommunications to medical devices, reliability has never been more critical than in today's high technology electronic products. Co-developed with technologists from top companies, including Thales, Continental Automotive, EADS, Robert Bosch, Celestica and Zestron, this two-day technical conference will bring together experts from industry and research institutions to explore critical reliability issues facing European electronics designers and manufacturers. It opens with a choice of one half-day workshop (one focused on fundamentals, the other offering advanced education) followed by paper presentations in four key areas:

  • Electrochemical Migration
  • Impact of High Temperatures on Design, Process and Assembly
  • Advanced PCB Materials and Technology
  • Solder Joint Reliability

Participants will gain key insights into:
  • Thermal cycling experimental data
  • Impact of PCB flexibility
  • HDI failure modes
  • Do’s and don’ts for avoiding ECM
  • Key reliability statistics
  • Silver’s impact on the supply chain
  • Solder mask survival at 200 degrees C
  • Interconnection modifications for avionics products

Monday, 15 September 2014

Why do organizations choose for PIEK?

If you have to choose a training institute to have your employees IPC certified or recertified, you would like to have a high-quality, reliable partner who is active worldwide at the right price. It should also be a partner who caters to your employees’ needs and presents the latest knowhow in your sector during the training sessions.

Automatically you end up turning to PIEK. Below you find a number of statements made by customers and by the IPC organization about why they chose for PIEK:

Monday, 8 September 2014

Technical added value at PIEK

NEW: Having problems with PCBs or PCBAs?

The majority of our customers know that for PIEK service and support do not end when a course is completed. They also know that PIEK differentiates itself from its competitors by offering continuous extra service for its customers during training courses, and will continue doing so too. Customer contacts are a continuous process between our technical department, our customers based worldwide in very different segments and the PIEK Team.

The PIEK trainers are regularly contacted by our customers and/or asked for advice in order to contribute to solutions in quality issues and/or problems regarding their products and customers. Given their continuous practical experience, the PIEK trainers possess extensive technical knowhow, even internationally. Our customers can clearly benefit from that.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Do you learn the hard way?

The case of the multi-million-euro damage claim by a German car producer:

These days damage claims are becoming increasingly common in business. Damage claims are basically a logical and justifiable phenomenon, as manufacturers guarantee the products that they supply. Slack quality checks may be costly and even fatal, and observing IPC standards prevents manufacturers from learning the hard way. PIEK has been a sparring partner for years and is at the heart of claims disputes as an expert assessor of the validity of buyers’ claims.

The claims state of affairs is best explained with an example from the automotive industry. A producer of electronic controls for the automotive industry asked PIEK for advice in the matter of a damage claim of a German car producer.

What had happened? The manufacturer had supplied 15,000 electronic controls to a German car manufacturer. The production of these electronic controls had taken place in accordance with IPC standard IPC-A-610E class 2, with only exceptions in class 3. Furthermore, the manufacturer had also done a final quality check himself in accordance with the IPC standard mentioned above.
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